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An Introduction to the Law of Contract 8th edition
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An Introduction to the Law of Contract 8th edition

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Published 1st Dec 2014 (Thomson Reuters)
ISBN: 9780455233642.

By Stephen Graw

The eighth edition of An Introduction to the Law of Contract incorporates references to the major court decisions that have been handed down since the last edition. These include the High Court’s decisions in:

  • Andrews v ANZ Group Ltd – and the associated decisions of the Federal Court in Paciocco v ANZ Group Ltd and the Victorian Court of Appeal in Cedar Meats (Aust) Pty Ltd v Five Star Lamb Pty Ltd (penalties);
  • Equuscorp Pty Ltd v Haxton (restitution and illegal contracts);
  • Kalkavas v Crown Melbourne Ltd (special disability);
  • Clark v Macourt (the timing of damages);
  • Electricity Generation Corp v Woodside Energy Ltd (the meaning of terms in commercial contracts); and
  • ALH Group Property Holdings Pty Ltd v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue of the State of New South Wales (novation)

Also discussed are a number of important State and Territory court decisions in the areas of frustration, restraint of trade, severing, penalty clauses, restitution and change of position, illegality, exemption clauses, implied terms, economic duress, undue influence, taxation and damages, injunctions, mistake, the postal rule and obligations to act in good faith.

Significant statutory changes made since the last edition considered in this edition include:

  • replacement of the Federal Magistrates Act 1999 (Cth) by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia Act 1999 (Cth) – converting the Federal Magistrates Court to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia;
  • changes to the unconscionability provisions in the Australian Consumer Law;
  • new Commercial Arbitration Acts in each of the jurisdictions; and
  • replacement of the Fair Trading Act 1999 (Vic) with the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012 (Vic).



  1. An Introduction to the Australian Legal System
  2. An Introduction to Contract
  3. The Offer
  4. Acceptance
  5. Intention to be Bound
  6. Consideration
  7. Capacity to Contract
  8. Privity of Contract
  9. Contents of a Contract
  10. Exempting, Excluding and Limiting Terms
  11. Mistake
  12. Misrepresentation
  13. Duress, Undue Influence and Unconscionability
  14. Illegal and Void Contracts
  15. Discharging a Contract
  16. Remedies
  17. Contracting electronically
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