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Annotated Competition and Consumer Legislation, 2015 edition
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Annotated Competition and Consumer Legislation, 2015 edition

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Published Feb 2015 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409339857. Soft Cover.

Steinwall, R., 2015

The 2015 edition of Annotated Competition and Consumer Legislation provides an essential guide to competition and consumer law in Australia.

The work includes subsection-level annotations to the legislation, detailed amendment histories and comparative tables, and practical guidance as to the impact of recent legislation reforms. This title includes the latest legislative amendments and is current as at 1 January 2015.


The 2015 edition incorporates the following features to assist you in your day-to-day practice:


     •     Authored annotations by Ray Steinwall explaining the competition and consumer legislation including commentary on key cases from a range of jurisdictions and include High Court, Federal Court, Supreme Court, tribunal decisions and significant unreported judgments
     •     Introductions to parts of the Act covering the laws’ development, review and reform proposals including significant commentary on the Australian Consumer Law 
     •     References to decisions of the National Competition Council and decisions impacting the Australia energy law
     •     All forms are reproduced from Schedule 1 of the Competition and Consumer Regulations 2010
     •     Penalties and Remedies Table providing easy access to understand rights of redress and penalties
     •     A comparative table of cross-references mapping pre-reform provisions to those in the Competition and Consumer Act
     •     Shaded legislation and detailed tabs with extensive indexing to enhance the ease of use and navigability

Ray Steinwall is a highly regarded lawyer, academic and commentator. He has provided legal and policy advice to business and governments nationally and internationally on competition, consumer law and regulation. He has undertaken a number of reviews for government on competition and consumer law. He is a member of a number of institutions on competition and consumer law and has also published extensively in this field.


The following content is included in the 2015 edition:


     •     Competition and Consumer Act 2010, including The Australian Consumer Law
     •     Competition and Consumer Regulations 2010, including the Competition and Consumer Forms
     •     Competition Policy Reform Act 1995 — Inter-Governmental Agreements
     •     Merger Guidelines 
     •     Merger Review Process Guidelines
     •     Memorandum of Understanding between the Commonwealth DPP and the ACCC regarding Serious Cartel Conduct
     •     ACCC Immunity Policy for Cartel Conduct 
     •     ACCC Immunity Policy Interpretation Guidelines
     •     Intergovernmental Agreement for the Australian Consumer Law 
     •     Case Management Practice Notes
     •     Fees: Competition and Consumer Regulations 2010 (extracts)
     •     Related Legislation 
           -     Competition Policy Reform (New South Wales) Act 1995
           -     Australian Energy Market Act 2004 
           -     Australian Energy Market Commission Establishment Act 2004 (SA)
           -     Competition and Consumer (Industry Codes – Franchising) Regulations 2014 
           -     Trade Practices (Industry Codes — Unit Pricing) Regulations 2009
           -     Competition and Consumer (Industry Codes — Oilcode) Regulations 2006
           -     Trade Practices (Horticulture Code of Conduct) Regulations 2006 
     •     Pending Legislation

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