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Annotated Personal Property Securities Act - 2nd Edition
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Annotated Personal Property Securities Act - 2nd Edition

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To be published 27 June 2014 (CCH) PRE-ORDER NOW!
ISBN: 9781925091861.

Jason Harris & Nicholas Mirzai

The second edition of the Annotated Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) with Regulations 2010 (Cth) continues the in-depth analysis of the PPSA contained in the popular first edition. Since the commencement of the PPSA on 30 January 2012, Australian courts have been called upon to determine a number of issues. Every Australian case decided to date is discussed in detail, including In the matter of Maiden Civil, In the matter of Apex Gold, NCO Finance Australia Pty Ltd and Central Cleaning Supplies. 

The authors have also added recent New Zealand and Canadian decisions which have been shown to be relevant to the Australian courts. We have retained the structure of the first edition which includes extensive navigational features to help guide the reader through the complexities of the PPSA including a statutory concordance, explanation of key concepts, extensive cross referencing to the interrelated provisions of the Act and detailed commentary which has been extensively reviewed and updated since the first edition. 

This edition, like the first edition, is comprehensive in its consideration of both primary and secondary sources. With a foreword by the Honorable Justice Gageler of the High Court of Australia,– the Annotated Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) 2nd edition is designed to be the firstpoint of call for all PPSA issues in Australia.

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