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Australian Family Law Teaching Materials - The Contemporary Context: Second Edition
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Australian Family Law Teaching Materials - The Contemporary Context: Second Edition

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Published Dec 2014 (OUP)
ISBN: 978019557440. Soft Cover.

Belinda Fehlberg, Rae Kaspiew, Jenni Millbank, Fiona Kelly, Juliet Behrens


  • Comprehensively updated to reflect the latest cases in family law
  • Questions to consider included at the end of each chapter
Australian Family Law Teaching Materials, Second Edition, includes carefully selected primary and secondary materials to assist with teaching and learning family law. Engagement with this material will help readers to develop essential skills in the use of primary sources (cases and legislation), and enable them to better assess the authors' views of the material and to form their own.



Readership: Third or fourth year law students completing a family law elective

1. Introduction
2. Structural Fragmentation: The Constitutional Framework
3. Mechanics of Fragmentation: The Jurisdictional Framework
4. The Legal Recognition of Family Relationships
5. Family Violence
6. Introduction to Parenting Disputes
7. Processes for Resolving Parenting Disputes
8. Legal Framework for Resolving Parenting Disputes
9. Specific Issues in Parenting Disputes
10. Introduction to Financial Disputes
11. Child Support
12. Processes for Resolving Property Disputes
13. Legal Framework for Resolving Property Disputes
14. Specific Issues in Property Disputes
15. Maintenance for Spouses and de facto Partners
16. Conclusion

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