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Banking Law in Australia, 8th edition
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Banking Law in Australia, 8th edition

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Published Sept 2014 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409337334. Soft Cover.

Tyree, A.

Alan Tyree's Banking Law in Australia is a clear and concise commentary on the history, current practice and future directions of banking law in Australia together with a discussion of relevant case law, legislation and government activity. The carefully crafted commentary engages and informs students and practitioners and brings this topic to life. New material in this edition includes an expanded discussion of regulation and the Personal Property Securities Act 2009.

Important new cases include:

Andrews v ANZ Banking Group [2012] HCA 30; Paciocco v ANZ Banking Group [2014] FCA 35; Australian Financial Services and Leasing Pty Ltd v Hills Industries Ltd [2014] HCA 14

Alan Tyree has written extensively in the area of banking law since 1987 and is an acknowledged expert in this field. He is a former Landerer Professor of Information Technology and Law at the University of Sydney. He was a member of the Australian Payments Systems Council until its abolition and replacement by the Payment Systems Board.


1. The Australian Banking System

2. Regulation

3. Banker and Customer

4. Accounts

5. Bills of Exchange

6. Duties of the Banker

7. Duties of the Customer

8. Cheques

9. Misappropriated Cheques

10. Electronic Banking

11. Consumer Protection

12. Lending: General Principles

13. Secured Lending: Real Property

14. Secured Lending: Personal Property

15. Lending: Guarantees

16. Bankers' Lien and Mareva Orders

17. Documentary Credits

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