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Benjamin's Sale of Goods 9th Edition
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Benjamin's Sale of Goods 9th Edition

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Published 21 Nov 2014 (Sweet & Maxwell)
ISBN: 9780414028777. Hard Cover.

Benjamin’s Sale of Goods provides practitioners with comprehensive advice on case law and legislation regarding sale of goods in the UK and globally. Part of the Common Law Library, this title has established itself as the premier publication on sale of goods and is frequently cited in court due to its depth and coverage.

  • First published in 1868, this title is now seen as a must-have purchase for its core readership of commercial practitioners in medium and large-firms, academics and commercial barristers
  • Covers the needs of practitioners interested in all areas of sale of goods case law
  • Includes clearly defined and structured content, with separate sections for Nature and formation of the Contract of Sale, Property and risk, Performance of the contract, Defective goods, Consumer Protection, Remedies, Overseas Sales, Conflict of laws
  • Provides high level text supported by all relevant developments in legislation and case law - the cases selected and the interpretation and guidance provided being one of the title's added values 
  • Provides a comprehensive explanation of the law of sale of goods, including terms and conditions, rights and obligations
  • Sets out the nature and formation of the contract of sale
  • Includes discussion of unfair contract terms in commercial and consumer sales
  • Details the remedies available when disputes arise
  • Explains the implications of E-Commerce, including electronic contracts and payments
  • Examines the law on Letters of Credit
  • Incorporates the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002, and recent European Directives
  • Includes expert commentary on the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999
  • Outlines the implications of the Consumer Credit Act and gives a detailed account of consumer protection
  • Provides authoritative discussion on conflict of laws
  • Examines the international scope of the subject, with chapters on overseas sales
  • Takes you through the laws relating to consumer protection 


  • Part one  Nature and formation of the Contract of Sale
    - The contract of sale of goods
    - Formation of the contract
    - Application of general contractual principles
  • Part two Property and risk
    - The title of the seller
    - Passing of property
    - Risk and frustration
    - Transfer of title by non-owners
  • Part three Performance of the contract
    - Delivery
    - Acceptance and payment
  • Part four Defective goods
    - Classification of statements as to goods
    - Terms as to description and quality implied by the sale of goods act 
    - Remedies in respect of defects
    - Exemption clauses
  • Part five Consumer protection
    - Consumer protection
  • Part six Remedies
    - The seller’s remedies affecting the goods
    - Other remedies of the seller
    - The remedies of the buyer
  • Part seven Overseas sales
    - Overseas sales in general
    - CIF contracts
    - FOB contracts
    - Other special terms and provisions in overseas sales
    - Negotiable instruments in overseas sales
    - Documentary credits
    - Autonomous guarantees
    - Export credit guarantees
  • Part Eight Conflict of laws
    - Conflict of laws
  • Appendix
    - The Sale of Goods Act 1979
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