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Competition Law and Policy  Cases And Materials -Third Edition
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Competition Law and Policy Cases And Materials -Third Edition

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Published July 2011 (OUP)
ISBN: 9780195562897. Paperback, 816 pages.

Philip Clarke, Stephen Corones, Julie Clarke 

Competition Law and Policy outlines and evaluates Australian competition law and its policy rationale. This fully revised third edition draws together a comprehensive collection of material, providing an excellent and up-to-date guide to Australian competition law and current proposals for change. The book begins with an overview of Australia’s competition policies and goals and of the evolution of its common law. The text then systematically discusses the principle forms of anti-competitive conduct engaged in by firms. Finally, it looks at the uniquely Australian concepts of authorisation and access and the sanctions imposed for breaches of competition law. 

New to this Edition 

  • Updated with latest legislative changes including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 
  • New chapter 6 discusses the introduction of the new cartel law and their provision for criminal sanctions 
  • References international competition law, including the Treaty of Lisbon, encouraging a global perspective. 
  • Questions throughout each chapter aid readers’ understanding.

Table of Contents


Table of Cases

Table of Statues

Competition Law Internet Sites



  1. The Evolution of Australian Competition Law
  2. Restraint of Trade
  3. Australian Competition Law in Outline
  4. The Goals of Competition Law
  5. Economic Concepts and Definitions
  6. Cartel Conduct
  7. Primary Boycotts
  8. Anti-competitive Agreements
  9. Misuse of Market Power and Below Cost Pricing
  10. Exclusive Dealing
  11. Resale Price Maintenance
  12. Mergers
  13. Authorisation and Notification
  14. Public Enforcement by the ACCC and CDPP
  15. Private Enforcement
  16. Access to Declared Services


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