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Concise Australian Commercial Law: 3rd edition
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Concise Australian Commercial Law: 3rd edition

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Published 15th Nov 2014 (Lawbook Co.)
ISBN: 9780455234847.

By Clive Turner, John Trone, Roger Gamble

The 3rd edition of Concise Australian Commercial Law has been updated to incorporate the legislative amendments and case law developments since the last edition. Many chapters now contain diagrams designed to facilitate student learning. 

The updates and amendments to each chapter include the following:

  • An Introduction to Studying Law includes a re-worked guide on how to approach business law and, in particular, how to approach the various forms of assessment.  There are a number of examples of typical hypothetical problems (and extensive answer guides designed to demonstrate how to construct an answer to such problems) and there are a number of multiple-choice questions.
  • The Australian Legal System has been extensively re-worked and includes a discussion of the new uniform commercial arbitration legislation. 
  • The Contract Law chapters incorporate a new consumer contract that is analysed at various times throughout the study of contract law and a number of recent decisions are discussed.  These include
    • Mackintosh v Johnson (2013);
    • the High Court’s decision in Kakavas v Crown Melbourne Ltd (2013) on unconscionable conduct;
    • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd v Karamihos (2014) concerning the application of the Contracts Review Act 1980(NSW);
    • Pearson v HRX Holdings Pty Ltd (2012);  
    • Birdanco Nominees Pty Ltd v Money (2012) on restraint of trade provisions;
    • Paciocco v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (2014) on penalties; and
    • the High Court’s decision in Clark v Macourt (2013) on damages for breach of contract.
  • The Consumer Protection chapter — in particular the discussion on the Australian Consumer Law — includes the significant decisions of the High Court in Google Inc v ACCC (2013) and ACCC v TPG Internet Pty Ltd (2013) concerning the advertising of goods and services on the internet.  A number of other important new cases in relation to s 18 (misleading conduct), ss 20 – 22 (unconscionable conduct) and ss 23 – 24 (unfair contracts) are discussed.
  • The chapter on the Law of Torts — particularly in relation to negligent misstatement — and the chapters on Partnership and Company Law have been extensively revised and re-worked. 

 To assist students and lecturers alike, Concise Australian Commercial Law contains a number of tutorial activities at the end of each chapter. 

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