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Conflict Management: A Practical Guide, 4th Edition
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Conflict Management: A Practical Guide, 4th Edition

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Published Oct 2012 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409332162. Soft Cover.

Conflict is a necessary process that has both positive and negative aspects but is always present in our society. Now in its 4th edition, Conflict Management: A Practical Guide, will provide you with essential approaches, strategies, tactics and techniques to enable you to take a positive approach to conflict as a potentially dynamic stimulus to interpersonal and group relations. 

Conflict Management: A Practical Guide, will provide you with an overview of the major developments and issues concerning alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Australia and equip you to better practice in key areas including negotiation, mediation, restorative justice and organisational contexts. 

Developed over 20 years of professional practice, this book is a careful blend of the practical and the theoretical. 


· Comprehensive framework of practical techniques backed by theoretical models 

· New Chapter on Restorative Justice Practice and Conferencing 

· Practical techniques for managing difficult conversations and impasse in negotiations 

· Up to date models for negotiation, mediation and facilitation processes 

Table of Contents 

1. Understanding Conflict 

2. Responding to Conflict 

3. Dispute Management Preferences 

4. Managing Difficult Conversations and Complainants 

5. Collaborative Conflict Management and Practice 

6. Negotiation 

7. Mediation 

8. Restorative Justice and Conferencing

9. Groups, Justice and Dispute System Design

10. Practical Group Facilitation

Condliffe, Peter

Dr Peter Condliffe is a Barrister (Victoria), an Advanced Victorian Bar and LEADR Mediator and Facilitator. He is one of Australia?s most experienced teachers, facilitators and practitioners in ADR and has written extensively on ADR related topics. Dr Condliffe is the Principal Instructor in the Lawyers Mediation Certificate and a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Court and Justice System Innovation at Monash University.

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