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Construction Insolvency: Security, Risk and Renewal in Construction Contracts - 5th Edition
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Construction Insolvency: Security, Risk and Renewal in Construction Contracts - 5th Edition

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Published May 2014 (Sweet & Maxwell)
ISBN: 9780414028746. Hard Cover.

Richard Davis

Construction Insolvency provides a practical overview to this area of work. The wealth of case law, case studies and materials lets you delve as deep into the subject as suits your purpose.

Whether you are looking for an introductory overview, or in depth account and practical guidance, you will find it within this new edition.

  • Provides commentary and critical analysis on the principles of law behind construction insolvency
  • Gives guidance on how to deal with the aftermath of formal insolvency
  • Describes the security devices available as protection against insolvency and how they interact and support one another
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of case law across the UK and common law jurisdictions and across related legal disciplines
  • Includes a case study by Neil Burton on the role of an insolvency surveyor in appraising a contractor's ongoing contracts with worked examples
  • Explores the interface with other areas of law where appropriate such as equity, property, disputes, and directors’ liability
  • Includes 26 graphs, charts and diagrams to support the written text and a glossary of relevant terms


  • The impact of insolvency law on the project bank account.
  • The statutory construction trust recommended by the Collins Report (NSW).
  • The effect of cases from the financial sector on the termination of a construction contract.
Law in Context
Elements of Construction Security
Debts and Other Receivables
Set-off, Abatement and Deduction
Plant and Equipment
Goods and Materials
Informal Insolvency
Construction Trusts
Retention Trusts
Preemptive Measures
Adjudication and Insolvency
Formal Insolvency
Novation of Contracts
Completion Contracts
Direct Payment
Set-off Insolvency
Bonds and Guarantees
Insolvency Claims
Directors and Employees
Law into Myth
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