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Contemporary Politics in Australia - Theories, Practices and Issues
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Contemporary Politics in Australia - Theories, Practices and Issues

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Published Feb 2012 (Cambridge University Press)
ISBN: 9780521137539. Paperback.

Edited by Rodney Smith - University of Sydney Ariadne Vromen - University of Sydney Ian Cook - Murdoch University, Western Australia 

Contemporary Politics in Australia provides a lively and wide-ranging introduction to the study of Australian politics. Written by a diverse range of experts, the book offers a comprehensive overview of current theories, debates and research in Australian political science and looks forward to new developments. It encompasses not only formal and institutionally based politics, but also the informal politics of everyday life, including the politics of Australian culture and media. 

The book is divided into six key sections that cover: 

• political theory 

• politics in everyday Australian life 

• elections 

• participation and representation 

• the Australian state 

• contemporary political and public policy issues 

Contemporary Politics in Australia challenges the assumption that the study of Australian politics can be dry, descriptive or uncontroversial. Rather, it encourages an understanding of politics in Australia as contested ground. Featuring a glossary of key terms and a companion website, it is essential reading for students. 


Part I. Contemporary Theories of Australian Politics: 

1. Democratic theories Adrian Little; 

2. Institutionalism Allan McConnell; 

3. Behaviouralism Rodney Smith; 

4. Critical theories Ian Cook; 

5. Discourse theories and post-structuralism Simon Tormey; 

6. International theories Bob Howard and Diarmuid Maguire; 

Part II. Politics in Everyday Australian Life: 

7. Political values and attitudes Shaun Wilson and Kerstin Hermes; 

8. Political socialisation Kathy Edwards; 

9. Media politics Peter Chen; 

10. Politics in Australian culture Catriona Elder; 

Part III. Elections: 

11. Electoral rules Norm Kelly; 

12. Political parties as electoral players Nick Economou; 

13. Campaigns and campaign funding Stephen Mills; 

14. Voter behaviour Ben Spies-Butcher; 

Part IV. Participation and Representation: 

15. Participation and representation through political parties Anika Gauja; 

16. Pressure groups and lobbying Darren Halpin; 

17. Government consultation Carolyn Hendriks; 

18. Social movements and new forms of participation Ariadne Vromen; 

Part V. Inside the Australian State: 

19. Parliament John Uhr and Norman Abjorensen; 

20. Prime ministers and ministers Paul Strangio; 

21. Politicisation and the executive Maria Maley; 

22. Delivering public policy Anne Tiernan; 

23. The courts Katherine Gelber; 

24. Federalism Marcus Haward; 

Part VI. Contemporary Public Controversies: 

25. A bill of rights Louise Chappell and Suzanne Jamieson; 

26. Taxing and spending Tim Battin; 

27. Employment and education Toby Fattore; 

28. Cities Brendan Gleeson and Wendy Steele; 

29. Indigenous Australians Virginia Watson; 

30. Health Amanda Elliot; 

31. The environment Jancie Dudley; 

32. Australia and the world Maryanne Kelton.


Adrian Little, Allan McConnell, Rodney Smith, Ian Cook, Simon Tormey, Bob Howard, Diarmuid Maguire, Shaun Wilson, Kerstin Hermes, Kathy Edwards, Peter Chen, Catriona Elder, Norm Kelly, Nick Economou, Stephen Mills, Ben Spies-Butcher, Anika Gauja, Darren Halpin, Carolyn Hendriks, Ariadne Vromen, John Uhr, Norman Abjorensen, Paul Strangio, Maria Maley, Anne Tiernan, Katherine Gelber, Marcus Haward, Louise Chappell, Suzanne Jamieson, Tim Battin, Toby Fattore, Brendan Gleeson, Wendy Steele, Virginia Watson, Amanda Elliot, Jancie Dudley, Maryanne Kelton

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