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Federal Constitutional Law: A Contemporary View 4th Edition
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Federal Constitutional Law: A Contemporary View 4th Edition

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Published 15 June 2014 (Lawbook Co.)
ISBN: 9780455232959.

By Sarah Joseph, Melissa Castan

Federal Constitutional Law: A Contemporary View, 4th Edition

This fourth edition of Federal Constitutional Law: A Contemporary View continues the book’s tradition of elucidating the potentially difficult discipline of Australian federal constitutional law in an analytical, accessible and engaging way. The authors, Professor Sarah Joseph and Melissa Castan, examine contemporary perspectives, the latest developments and likely future directions of constitutional law, and supplement primary materials with their narrative-style commentary.

Features of this edition include:

·         developments in executive power, separation of judicial power, inconsistency, the federal power to spend, freedom of interstate trade, implied freedom of political speech, the right to vote, and Indigenous issues;

·         extracts and analysis of the latest cases, including Williams v Commonwealth (“school chaplains case”), Wotton v Queensland, Attorney-General (South Australia) v City of Adelaide (“street preachers case”), Monis v The Queen, Unions NSW v NSW, Rowe v Electoral CommissionerFortescue Metals Group Ltd v Commonwealth (“mining tax case”), Betfair #2, JT International v Commonwealth (“plain packaging case”), Dickson v The Queen, ICM Agriculture v Commonwealth, Commonwealth v ACT (“same sex marriage case”), Momcilovic v The Queen and the series of cases addressing the Kableprinciple (including the “bikie” cases);

·         accessible, reader-friendly commentary and layout; and

·         straightforward explanations and analysis.

Federal Constitutional Law: A Contemporary View, 4th Edition is a leading text on federal constitutional law in Australia. It is a considered and scholarly understanding of the Australian federal Constitution, an essential companion to today’s students, researchers and practitioners of constitutional law. 

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