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Human Rights in Closed Environments
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Human Rights in Closed Environments

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Published 30 Sept 2014 (Federation Press)
ISBN: 9781862879652. Soft Cover, 304 pages.

Edited by Bronwyn Naylor, Julie Debeljak and Anita Mackay

This volume considers the application of human rights in six specific Australian “closed environments” – prisons; police cells; forensic psychiatric institutions; closed mental health units; closed disability units; and immigration detention centres. The publication highlights rights concerns common across the different types of environments, such as the vulnerability of persons held in detention, the tension between respect for rights and safety concerns, and securing a human rights culture in a context of significant power imbalances. It also draws comparisons between the same closed environments in different jurisdictions, examining the “value add” of formal rights instruments. Finally, it considers the role of external monitoring mechanisms (such as, Ombudsmen and Human Rights Commissions) in securing rights respecting environments.

Human Rights in Closed Environments is a special issue (Volume 31) of the journal Law in Context


Introduction: Implementing Human Rights In Closed Environments
Bronwyn Naylor, Julie Debeljak and Anita Mackay

Privatised Immigration Detention Services: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementing Human Rights 
Tania Penovic

Human Rights and People with Disabilities in Closed Environments 
Patsie Frawley and Bronwyn Naylor

Human Rights and Respect in Prisons: The Prisoners' Perspective 
Bronwyn Naylor

Implementing Human Rights in Closed Environments Through the United Nations Convention Against Torture 
Claudio Grossman

Implementing Human Rights in Closed Environments: The OPCAT Framework and the New Zealand Experience 
Natalie Pierce

Comparative Experiences of Implementing Human Rights in Closed Environments: Monitoring for Rights Protection 
Anne Owers

Changing Cultures in Closed Environments: What Works? 
Jem Stevens

Operationalising Human Rights Law in Australia: Establishing a Human Rights Culture in the New Canberra Prison and Transforming the Culture of Victoria Police 
Anita Mackay

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