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Insurance of Commerical Risks: Law & Prac 4th Ed
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Insurance of Commerical Risks: Law & Prac 4th Ed

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Published July 2011 (Sweet & Maxwell)
ISBN: 9780414046207.

By Digby Jess 

"A very readable book that sets out the law in a complex area with the minimum jargon and the maximum of clarity" – New Law Journal 

The Insurance of Commercial Risks: Law and Practice examines how the general principles of insurance law apply to the insurance of commercial risks in the United Kingdom and European Union, and how to effectively settle a dispute in these insurance claims. Looking in turn at each form of commercial risk insurance, from employers' liability insurance and warranty and indemnity insurance to buildings insurance, carriers insurance and contractors' insurance, it explains the law applicable to each one. 

The book considers the common conditions and exclusions for each type of insurance, looks at relevant claims aspects and goes through the different types of loss and how to calculate indemnity. In addition, it deals with litigation, including issues such as disclosure and jurisdiction. This edition considers significant changes to legislation and regulations, most notable the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010, and explains the implications of important recent case law, such as the House of Lords’ decision in WASA v Lexington. 


Part One: General. 

Part Two: Liability Insurances. 

Part Three: Property and Other Insurances. 

Part Four: Claims. 

Jurisdiction: UK/EU

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