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Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, 2nd edition
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Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, 2nd edition

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Published Dec 2014 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409337358. Soft Cover.

Van Caenegem, W.

William van Caenegem’s Intellectual and Industrial Property Law 2nd edition is a current and comprehensive introductory text with a broad general coverage of intellectual property for law students and lecturers as well as non-law and international students.

This new edition focuses on recent relevant Australian case studies to assist students to grasp challenging property law concepts including copyright, patents, registered trademarks and digitisation.




Update to a well-known and well-regarded book, great coverage of legal issues, includes recent legislative reforms, new pedagogical features including flowcharts.

Dr William van Caenegem is a Professor of Law at Bond University. He is an expert in foreign law, intellectual property and legal philosophy.


Chapter 1 Themes and concepts in intellectual property law


Chapter 2 Copyright: Subsistence Requirements


Chapter 3 Copyright: Ownership and exploitation


Chapter 4 Copyright infringement in general


Chapter 5 Copyright: Other rights and exceptions


Chapter 6 Registered designs


Chapter 7 Patents: Subject matter


Chapter 8 Patents: Novelty and inventiveness


Chapter 9 Patents: Ownership, assignment and licence


Chapter 10 Patents: Infringement


Chapter 11 Breach of confidence: Elements of the action


Chapter 12 Breach of confidence: Defences, remedies and employees


Chapter 13 Passing-off


Chapter 14 Registered trade marks: Definition of a mark and distinctiveness


Chapter 15 Registered trade marks: Other Requirements


Chapter 16 Registered trade marks: Infringement


Chapter 17 Sui generis regimes: Circuit layouts and plant varieties


Chapter 18 Digitisation


Chapter 19 Remedies in Intellectual Property Law

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