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Introduction to Intellectual Property
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Introduction to Intellectual Property

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Published 15 June 2015 (Thomson Reuters)
ISBN: 9780455233710.

By Anne Fitzgerald, Dimitrios Eliades

Intellectual property law is of increasing importance across a broad range of business and social activities.  An understanding of how the copyright, trade marks, patents and designs systems can be effectively used to secure commercial advantage, and how business reputation and confidential information can be protected, is now essential for innovative businesses and individuals.  

Introduction to Intellectual Property was written with the express purpose of demystifying what is often regarded as a complex area of law. For each of the main forms of intellectual property, the underlying concepts and rationale are considered and the key principles explained. The dynamism of the intellectual property system as it evolves in response to changing technologies and business practices is captured by reference to legislative reforms and recent developments in case law.    

This book will be useful for legal practitioners and consultants who need to stay up-to-date with intellectual property law and practice. For law and business students, it provides a foundation upon which to build their knowledge of a field which will only increase in importance.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of Intellectual Property

Chapter 2: Copyright

Chapter 3: Design Registration

Chapter 4: Confidential Information

Chapter 5: Patents

Chapter 6: Trade Marks

Chapter 7: Protection of Business Reputation: Passing Off, Injurious Falsehoodand The Australian Consumer Law

Chapter 8: Enforcement and Remedies

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