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Law and Popular Culture in Australia
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Law and Popular Culture in Australia

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To be published July 2015 (LexisNexis) PRE-ORDER NOW!
ISBN: 9780409339284. Soft Cover.

de Zwart, M; Richards, B; Le Mire, S

Law and Popular Culture in Australia is an engaging and authoritative examination of Australian law and popular culture. It provides students and teachers with expert guidance and key resources as they navigate the portrayal of law in a variety of mediums.

This book explores the rich relationship between law and popular culture. Already a burgeoning field of study in other jurisdictions, this book draws upon a uniquely Australian analysis of movies, television shows, music and books dealing with various aspects of the law and legal system.

It features contributions from Australian legal experts on their particular areas of expertise, including indigenous legal issues, international law, crime, business, medical negligence and surveillance. Each chapter contains an introduction to the law, analysis of key texts, guided discussion and further reading, which can form the basis of weekly classes or be read as an introduction to a more indepth consideration of the relevant laws.

Law and Popular Culture in Australia creates a solid foundation for the further exploration of the relationship of the law with the popular imagination of the society that sustains it, and provides readers with a new lens through which to analyse the successes and weaknesses of modern legal culture.

     •     A unique Australian text prepared for Australian students
     •     Designed specifically for coursework on law and popular culture
     •     Includes representations of law in wide-ranging source media


Melissa de Zwart is a Professor of Law at Adelaide Law School, where she teaches in tort, technology and media law. She is an expert in laws affecting the digital environment, including content regulation, copyright, surveillance and privacy.

Bernadette Richards is an Associate Professor at Adelaide Law School. Her research and teaching focus is on torts and medical law and ethics, about which she has published extensively. Her research focus sits at the nexus between ethics and the law.

Suzanne Le Mire is a Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) at Adelaide Law School. She researches and teaches in corporate law, corporate governance and legal ethics.



Part 1: Law and Ethics
Ch 1. Champion, Mercenary or Both? Lawyers and Ethics (Suzanne Le Mire)
Ch 2. Negligence and Tort Law: The Corruption Myth (Bernadette Richards)
Ch 3. Whistleblowing and the Law (Melissa de Zwart)
Ch 4. Law and Violence (Honi van Rijswijk)
Ch 5. Medical Law and Ethics: Divergence and Convergence (Bernadette Richards)

Part 2: The Law in Practice
Ch 6. Crime (Rachel Spencer)
Ch 7. Adversarial Justice: Truth, Trials and Juries (Cassandra Sharp)
Ch 8. Surveillance Societies (Melissa de Zwart)
Ch 9. Business Law (Suzanne Le Mire and Melissa de Zwart)

Part 3: Legal Theory
Ch 10. Australian Indigenous Legal Issues (Melissa Castan)
Ch 11. The Rule of Law (Sarah Joseph)
Ch 12. Iustitia Populi: The Concept of Justice, According to the People (of Springfield) (Luis Gómez Romero)
Ch 13. Social Justice in Future Fiction: Renegotiating the Social Contract (Margaret Castles)
Ch 14. Popular Culture and Jurisprudence (William P MacNeil)

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