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Laytime and Demurrage, 6th Edition
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Laytime and Demurrage, 6th Edition

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Published 2011 (Informa)
ISBN: 9781843119456. Hard Cover.

John Schofield 

Laytime and Demurrage, deals with all aspects of laytime, demurrage and detention, tracing the development of the law from its origins in the nineteenth century and earlier, right up to the early years of the twenty first century. Laytime and Demurrage, 6th Edition is an indispensable book for those new to laytime and demurrage as well as anyone who needs a more in-depth analysis. 

The laytime and demurrage clause appears in almost all carriage contracts and consequently there are now over 1,000 reported cases on the subject.

This updated edition provides: the general principles of laytime and demurrage, providing an overview to those relatively new to the subject in-depth analysis of laytime clauses - both fixed laytime and customary laytime important detailed analysis of the rules relating to commencement of laytime in berth, dock and port charters in-depth coverage of why laytime can be suspended detailed analysis of demurrage clauses Laytime and Demurrage, 6th Edition is considered as the main source of authority on all issues to do with laytime and demurrage. While other books cover laytime or demurrage, this covers both areas in detail.

This book would be of value to practitioners who deal with maritime matters, Ship owners, Ship operators, Ship managers, Charterers, Charterers’ agents and ships agents, Shipbrokers, Commodity traders and brokers and Arbitrators and other professionals involved in dispute resolution.

“Laytime and demurrage is a favourite topic of maritime lawyers everywhere. It is a complex subject that has been the subject of legal dispute from time immemorial. In particular, the last one and one half centuries have seen massive development of this branch of the law. This book describes those developments clearly. Another vital reference book for all those involved directly in the maritime industry or who are marine lawyers.” - Asia Pacific Shipping on Laytime and Demurrage, 5th Edition

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