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Lee's Manual of Queensland Succession Law: 7th Edition
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Lee's Manual of Queensland Succession Law: 7th Edition

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Published 20 Nov 2012 (Thomson Reuters)
ISBN: 9780455229034.

By A A Preece

Since the publication of the 6th edition, principal legislative changes in Queensland’s succession laws have been those necessitated by the creation of civil partnerships under the Civil Partnerships Act 2011 (Qld). The changes brought about by the Succession Amendment Act 2006 have so far resulted in a comparatively small number of cases interpreting this legislation, which is a strong indication of the success of those provisions. In addition to taking into account any legislative and case law amendments, this edition has therefore involved revising and making improvements to the existing content.

Lee’s Manual of Queensland Succession Law 7th edition has been revised throughout to include more case references, particularly from other States, so as to facilitate the use of this work as the starting point for detailed legal research.  There has also been an effort to increase and improve cross-referencing between related areas of succession law, and to more detailed or advanced legal literature. 


  1. Introduction
  2. The Functions of a Will
  3. Probate Law – The Making of a Will
  4. Probate Law – The Execution of Wills
  5. The Revocation of Wills
  6. Probate Law – Alterations in Wills, Republication and Revival of Wills
  7. Death, Burial and Cremation
  8. Personal Representatives, Probate and Administration
  9. Personal Representatives – Their Duties, Powers, Liabilities and Rights
  10. Legacies, Devises and Beneficiaries’ Rights
  11. The Payment of Debts – The Order of Application of Assets
  12. Intestacy
  13. Family Provision
  14. The Construction of Wills – General Principles
  15. The Construction of Wills – Descriptions of Property
  16. The Construction of Wills – Descriptions of Beneficiaries
  17. The Construction of Wills – The Quantum of the Interest to be Given

Addendum and Conclusion

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