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Paget's Law of Banking 14th edition
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Paget's Law of Banking 14th edition

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Published Oct 2014 (LexisNexis UK)
ISBN: 9781405763424. Hard cover.

General Editors: Ali Malek QC and John Odgers QC, 3VB

First published in 1904, Paget's Law of Banking has established itself as the leading practitioner text on banking law, combining meticulous accuracy and depth with a clear approach to this complex area.

Paget's Law of Banking 14th edition has been updated and expanded to provide a thoroughly modern approach to the subject matter, while remaining unique in providing a comprehensive, clear and accurate statement of the law of banking, with a particular emphasis on the principles which underpin the case law.

Key benefits of Paget's Law of Banking 13th Edition:

  • Spectrum relating to fixed and floating charges
  • Contains New Banking Codes
  • Amendments to FSMA
  • Enterprise Act 2002 and many other changes in insolvency law
  • Restatement of the court’s jurisdiction to attach foreign debts
  • Developments in letters of credit and demand guarantee case law
  • Over 150 new cases across the entire field of banking law included.
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