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Principles of International Financial Law - Second Edition
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Principles of International Financial Law - Second Edition

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Published 26 Mar 2015 (OUP)
ISBN: 9780198722106. Hard Cover, 384 pages.

Colin Bamford

  • The only book to provide an in-depth analysis of the principles underlying financial law
  • Provides in-depth analysis of the principles underlying financial law, for example, the legal character of an obligation to pay money or the nature of a fiduciary duty
  • Essential reading for those dealing with innovative products and structures, where command of underlying concepts and developments is vitally important
  • Considers case law and principles from a range of common law jurisdictions including the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore

New to this edition

  • New cases have been included in the book, particularly in relation to developments arising from the Lehman cases
  • The author highlights topical new issues such as the idea of virtual currencies, and how these can be determined and regulated
  • The chapter dealing with Interpretation of Contracts has been significantly updated to deal with common law judicial methodology in a winder sense
This book explains the legal principles and rules, concepts and developments that underpin the practice of financial law in common law countries, and by extension across the world.
One of the aims of the book is to explain clearly the basis of the concepts applied by the common law to financial transactions. As part of this aim the second edition analyses in more detail the interface between common-law and civil law approaches in areas such as the distinction between property and personal rights. Additionally, the chapter on Contractual Interpretation has been broadened in scope so that it deals with common law judicial methodology in a wider sense, and treats the question of interpretation as part of that wider approach. 

Since the last edition was written there have been a number of major changes, not least relating to the ongoing challenges following the financial crisis. In Chapter 2 the material on the Euro has been expanded to explain the Eurozone crisis, and its consequences. Additionally, there is a new section on virtual currencies. 

This is an essential work for both experienced lawyers and those who are relatively new to international financial law. It provides the more experienced lawyer with an aide memoire on the existing law and a reference source for new ideas when tackling innovative structures or products. For those new to practice or postgraduate students this book delivers a firm foundation upon which to build knowledge of the law and practice of financial law.

Readership: The primary market is practitioners in the area of banking, finance, capital markets and corporate finance, as well as post-graduate students studying financial and commercial law.

1: Introduction
2: Money
3: Payment
4: Personal and Property Rights
5: Intangibles as Property
6: Legal Nature of the Bond Market
7: Fiduciary Duties - their nature and how they arise
8: Fiduciary duties - practical consequences
9: Credit Support in Financial Markets
10: Security Interests
11: The Construction of Financial Agreements


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