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Principles of Taxation Law 2016
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Principles of Taxation Law 2016

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Principles of Taxation Law 2016

Taxation law can be an incredibly complex subject to absorb, particularly when time is limited. Written specifically for students, Principles of Taxation Law 2016 brings much needed clarity to this area of law.

Utilising many methods to make this often daunting subject achievable, particular features of the 2016 edition include:
seven parts: overview and structure, principles of income, deductions and offsets, timing issues, investment and business entities, tax avoidance and administration, and indirect taxes;
clearly structured chapters within those parts grouped under helpful headings;
flowcharts, diagrams and tables, end of chapter practice questions, and case summaries;
an appendix containing all of the up to date and relevant rates; and
the online self-testing component mentor, which provides questions for students of both business and law;

Every major aspect of the Australian tax system is covered, with chapters on topics such as goods and services tax, superannuation, offsets, partnerships, capital gains tax, trusts, company tax, tax administration and state taxes.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Overview and Structure

Chapter 1: Sources of taxation law

Chapter 2: Study skills for taxation law 

Chapter 3: The taxation formula 

Chapter 4: Residence and source 

Part 2: Income

Chapter 5: Assessable income 

Chapter 6: Income from personal services and employment 

Chapter 7: Fringe benefits tax 

Chapter 8: Income from business 

Chapter 9: Income from property 

Chapter 10: Principles of compensation 

Chapter 11: Capital gains tax 

Part 3: Deductions and Offsets

Chapter 12: General deductions 

Chapter 13: Specific deductions 

Chapter 14: Capital allowances 

Chapter 15: Offsets 

Part 4: Timing Issues

Chapter 16: Tax accounting 

Chapter 17: Trading stock 

Part 5: Investment and Business Entities

Chapter 18: Taxation of superannuation 

Chapter 19: Partners and partnerships 

Chapter 20: Trusts and beneficiaries 

Chapter 21: Companies and shareholders 

Chapter 22: International taxation 

Part 6: Avoidance and Administration

Chapter 23: Tax avoidance 

Chapter 24: Tax administration 

Part 7: Indirect and State Taxes

Chapter 25: Goods and services tax 

Chapter 26: State taxes 

Appendix  861


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