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Sir Charles Lilley:Premier and Chief Justice of Queensland
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Sir Charles Lilley:Premier and Chief Justice of Queensland

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Published 23 June 2014 (Federation Press)
ISBN: 9781862879546. Hard Cover, 384 pages.
By Dr J M Bennett AM J M Bennett’s new biography shows the mercurial figure of Lilley to be one of the giants of colonial Australia, a politician who took on the squatter class and forced democratic reform, earning the enduring, virulent hatred of his opponents; a Chief Justice of brilliant calibre until his one disastrous mistake. CONTENTS Foreword by the Hon Chief Justice de Jersey AC Acknowledgements List of Illustrations “Dramatis Personae” “What a Radical He was Cherishing” “I Came Poor and Unbefriended” Editorial Themes “His Views are Strongly Liberal” “The Coming Man” A Militia Bill – “Perfectly Uncalled For” “No Gentleman had Higher Claims” “Criminations and Recriminations” “Fighting Hard Battles” “In Opposition, One of the Most Valuable Members” “The Ministry Obtained Their Position by Fraud” The Lilley Court Some Causes Célèbres The Court and the Legal Profession Storm Clouds Gathering The Tempest A Troubled Retirement and Reluctant Departure Reserved Judgement A Note on Two Lilley Portraits in Oils Abbreviations Notes Index Statute Index
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