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Succession: Families and Death, 4th Edition
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Succession: Families and Death, 4th Edition

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Published Sept 2013 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409333435. Soft Cover.

Croucher, R; Vines, P 

The first edition of Succession - Families, Property and Death by Rosalind Croucher and Prue Vines set a new standard in the approach to the study of succession law in its strong theoretical and comparative focus in which legal principles are set firmly in their historical and social context. This fourth edition continues this approach.

Succession - Families, Property and Death places Australian succession law in its national and international setting and considers social objectives of succession law as a basis for understanding and applying the rules. This edition also considers the impact of the Uniform Succession Laws project on the law in Australia. Case statutory extracts are used to show the forms of argument used in judicial analysis and notes and questions provide a deeper understanding of the material.

• Updated and revised in the light of recent legislative amendments including the Uniform Succession Laws Project
• More material on Indigenous issues in succession law

This edition also considers the impact of the Uniform Succession Laws project on the law in Australia.

Croucher, R

Professor Rosalind Croucher was appointed to the Australian Law Reform Commission in 2007 and in December 2009 as its President. Prior to this she had had a distinguished career in University teaching and management for over 25 years and she remains a Professor of Macquarie University. Her research interests are in the fields of equity, trusts, property, inheritance and legal history.

Vines, P

Professor Prue Vines is Co-director of the Private Law Research and Policy Group in the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales and visiting Professor, Law School, University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Her research interests include Torts (particularly the impact of apologies on civil liability) and Succession, (including the impact of succession law on Indigenous people in Australia).

Part 1: The Context of Succession Law
1. What is Succession Law
2. The Relationships of Succession: The 'Family'
3. The Boundaries of the Law of Succession
4. Death, Bodies and Succession

Part 2: Intestacy
5. Where There is no Will - Intestacy

Part 3: Wills
6. The Testator's Mind
7. The Formal Process 
8. Dispensing with the Formalities 
9. The Testator's Changing Mind: Revocation and Alteration of Wills
10. Establishing the Text: Mistake and Rectification in the Probate Court 
11. Establishing the Meaning 
12. When Gifts Fail: Technical Rules 
13. When Gifts Fail: Equitable Doctrines 
14. Public Policy and Succession

Part 4: Family Provision
15. Family Provision 

Part 5: Administration of the Estate 
16. The Representatives 
17. The Administration Process 

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