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The Carriage Of Goods By Sea Under The Rotterdam Rules
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The Carriage Of Goods By Sea Under The Rotterdam Rules

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Published Aug 2010 (Informa)
ISBN: 9781843118930.

Editor Professor D.Rhidian Thomas 

This book is based on papers presented at the Sixth International Colloquium organised by the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law, Swansea University, in September 2009. The sixteen contributions have been written by a team of international experts who collectively submit the newly proposed Rotterdam Rules to a sustained, penetrative and comprehensive analysis.

The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea 2009 - from which the Rotterdam Rules derive – potentially represents a development of unparalleled significance in the field of unimodal carriage of goods by sea and multimodal transport with a sea leg. The scale of the Rules is staggeringly wide, as also are their detail and complexity, and coming to a full understanding of the provisions and implications of the Rules represents a challenge even to those experienced in the law and practice of commercial shipping. The Carriage Of Goods By Sea Under The Rotterdam Rules examines virtually all aspects of the Rules and will provide an effective, reliable and readable guide to everyone seeking a complete grasp of the Rules.

The Carriage Of Goods By Sea Under The Rotterdam Rules is edited by Professor D.Rhidian Thomas, Director of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law, and Professor of Maritime Law at Swansea University.

Chapters and Contributors;

1. The Emergence and Application of the Rotterdam Rules
Professor D.Rhidian Thomas, IISTL, Swansea University

2. From Treaty to Trial- The Implementation of the Rotterdam Rules
Michael Harakis, Solicitor, Hill Dickinson LLP and Advisor to the Dept of Transport

3. Interpreting International Transport Conventions
Mr Simon Rainey Q.C., Quadrant Chambers, London

4. Freedom of Contract within the Province of the International Conventions
Professor Andrew Tettenborn, Exeter University.

5. Multimodal Transport under the Rotterdam Rules
Professor Ralph de Wit, Van Dooselaere Advocaten, Antwerp; University of Antwerp

6. Duties of Carriers – care and seaworthiness
Mr Andrew Nicholas, Clyde & Co, London

7.  Limitation of Liability
Professor Marc Huybrechts, University of Antwerp

8. Exclusion of Liability
Mr Julian Clark, Holman Fenwick and Willan, London and Jeffrey Thomson, Hardwicke Chambers, London

9. Duty to Deliver Cargo and Consequences of Misdelivery
Mr Simon Baughen, University of Bristol

10. The Division of the Burden of Proof
Dr Nick Margetson, University of Amsterdam

11. Duties of Shippers
Mr Frank Stevens, Roosendaal Keyzer Advocaten, Antwerp 

12.  Deck cargo
Dr Susan Hodges and Mr David Glass, Cardiff University

13. Transport Documents
Emeritus Professor Francis Reynolds Q.C., University of Oxford

14. Electronic Documents under the Rotterdam Rules
Mr David Martin-Clark, Stone Chambers, London

15.  Himalaya Clauses – The Impact of the Rotterdam Rules
Professor Jason Chua, Westminster University.

16. Jurisdiction Clauses and Arbitration Agreements
Professor Yvonne Baatz, Southampton University

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