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The Essential SMSF Guide 2014-15
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The Essential SMSF Guide 2014-15

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To be published 8 Sep 2014 (Thomson Reuters) PRE-ORDER NOW!
ISBN: 9780864608963.

Providing practical guidance on the ongoing operational and administrative issues of an SMSF, The Essential SMSF Guide 2014-15 covers the broad range of SMSF issues including the taxation implications to the investment rules, designing a pension and the payment of benefit.

To help readers understand the wider nature of SMSFs, the Guide also covers other related topics such as aged care, bankruptcy and the financial planning process for SMSF Trustees.  It includes a CD toolkit that contains over 90 documents and templates, including all relevant ATO and ASIC documents.
The 2014-15 edition has been updated to include new developments relating to SMSFs, including:

  • Commentary on the 2014 Federal Budget changes including the Temporary Budget Repair Levy, changes to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card, increases to the Age Pension age and refund of excess non-concessional contributions
  • The abolishment of the Mature Age Worker Tax Offset
  • The return of mistaken contributions
  • A new chapter on the winding up of SMSFs
  • New information on who controls a super fund when a member dies
  • An analysis of various Tax Policy announcements including the introduction of SMSF administration penalties, new Centrelink and Veterans’ deeming rules for Account based pensions and the withdrawal of the pension tax increase and penalties for illegally taking money out of SMSFs
  • Tax Office tax and superannuation rulings and determinations
  • Many Court and Tribunal cases including Jakjoy, Dowling, Australasian Annuities, Wooster and Ioppolo

With the increasing popularity of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), the need for an in-depth understanding of the management and compliance requirements for this type of fund has become more vital. 

Endorsed by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, The Essential SMSF Guide 2014-15 is a comprehensive yet practical and easy-to-read guide on SMSFs for consumers, SMSF Trustees, accountants and financial planners, and includes a toolkit of relevant minutes, letters and easy-to-access ATO documents to help readers streamline the SMSF administration process.


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