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The International Law of the Sea  (SC)
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The International Law of the Sea (SC)

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Published April 2015 (Cambridge)
ISBN: 9780521279529. Soft Cover, 504 pages.

Yoshifumi Tanaka 

Also available in Hard Cover.

The law of the sea is a complex and fascinating subject. This textbook explores the subject from the perspective of public international law, covering all the key topics from the legal regimes governing the different jurisdictional zones, to international co-operation for protection of the marine environment. Students interested in international environmental and natural resources law will find chapters on emerging issues such as the conservation and the protection of natural resources and biodiversity in the oceans. It includes student-friendly features such as chapter overviews, conclusions, figures and tables and further reading sections. 

Clarity of expression, engaging analysis and comprehensive coverage make this book essential reading for all students of the law of the sea. 


Part I. The Divided Ocean: International Law Governing Jurisdictional Zones: 

1. Law of the sea in perspective; 

2. Baselines and related issues; 

3. Marine spaces under national jurisdiction: territorial sovereignty; 

4. Marine spaces under national jurisdiction: the sovereign rights; 

5. Marine spaces beyond national jurisdiction; 

6. Maritime delimitation; 

Part II. Our Common Ocean: Protection of Community Interests at Sea: 

7. Conservation of marine living resources; 

8. Protection of the marine environment; 

9. Conservation of marine biological diversity; 

10. Marine scientific research; 

11. Maintenance of international peace and security at sea; 

12. Land-locked and geographically disadvantaged states; 

13. Peaceful settlement of international disputes. 


Advance praise: 

'This book provides comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of a central topic in international law. It goes beyond the traditional subjects covered in the law of the sea to include contemporary and important maritime issues, such as the conservation of marine biological diversity and the maintenance of international peace and security at sea. Presented in a simple, yet precise, manner, it will equip the reader with an understanding of all of the key issues in the law of the sea, as well as an appreciation of the challenges which still lie ahead for the subject.' James Harrison, University of Edinburgh 

'Professor Tanaka has written an excellent exposition of the law of the sea which offers both comprehensive coverage of key Conventions and agreements and analysis of pertinent judicial opinions and State practice. I very warmly encourage all students of this area of the law, to rely on this book in their further study of the topic.' Duncan French, University of Sheffield

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