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Williams, Mortimer & Sunnucks - Executors, Administrators and Probate: 20th Edition
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Williams, Mortimer & Sunnucks - Executors, Administrators and Probate: 20th Edition

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Published 24 Jan 2013 (Sweet & Maxwell UK)
ISBN: 9780414024342. Hard Cover.

John Ross Martyn; Nicholas Caddick, QC 

Williams, Mortimer and Sunnucks offers in-depth guidance to the law of probate and the administration of estates after death. When a person dies the grant of probate has to be applied for, this is the process of approving the will, appointing the executors and giving official permission to administer the estate and distribute the assets according to the wishes of the will. Without a Will, Letters of Administration are given which allows the person's estate to be distributed according to the intestacy rules (dying without a will). All these processes are surrounded by complex issues and rules. 

Case law is predominant in the area giving rise to the opportunity for detailed case analysis, discussion of debatable points likely to be faced by practitioners, and ideas and solutions to problems. It is considered in the market to be one of the leading authorities on the subject offering an in-depth analysis of the law and how it applies in practice. It is frequently cited in court and is therefore relied upon by the user to give definitive guidance to debatable points. It would be used by the practictioner predominantly to find answers to problems rather than to guide the user through stages of a problem free case. 


First Steps. 

The Grant of Probate. 

The Grant of Administration.

Non-Contentious Practice. 

Contentious Practice. 

Devolution and Liability. 

Administration of Assets.

Family Provision. 

Administration and Other Assets.

Distribution of Assets. 

Appendices: Statutes Rules and Orders 

Table of Distribution on Intestacy.

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