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Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966, 7th edition
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Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966, 7th edition

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ISBN 9780409350289 NEW RELEASE 2019

Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966 is An essential guide and invaluable resource for practitioners, government officials and business professionals.


Format: Paperback


Now in its seventh edition, Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966 is an invaluable resource tool that provides comprehensive analysis and explanation of the provisions and the relevant case laws.

The seventh edition of the Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966 will provide a reproduction of the major Australian Bankruptcy legislation including, the Bankruptcy Act 1966, Bankruptcy Regulations and forms, as well as the ITSA Approved forms and the Federal Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016 together with comprehensive updates to the annotations



• Up to date legislation
• Concise annotations to the legislation and detailed commentary
• Enhanced ease of use and navigability through shaded tabs


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Paul Nichols joined the Western Australia Bar a few years after its foundation in 1967. He has practised in Bankruptcy most of the intervening period. He has been called upon several times to draft statutes, to advise governments and private clients. He brings his wide-ranging expertise to the bankruptcy arena.

Michael Murray is an insolvency law writer and commentator, with a practice background in personal and corporate insolvency and regulatory law. Michael now writes on insolvency and related law and policy through Murrays Legal, and works with the judiciary, academia and the profession as a fellow and director of the Australian Academy of Law, and as a fellow of the UNCITRAL Co-ordination Committee for Australia.


1. Bankruptcy Act 1966
2. Bankruptcy (Estate Charges) Act 1997
3. Bankruptcy Regulations 1996
4. Federal Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016
5. Bankruptcy Forms
6. Costs and Fees
8. Index

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