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Asian Capitalism and the Regulation of Competition Towards a Regulatory Geography of Global Competition Law
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Asian Capitalism and the Regulation of Competition Towards a Regulatory Geography of Global Competition Law

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Published April 2013 (Cambridge University Press)
ISBN: 9781107027428. Hard Cover, 387 pages.

Edited by Michael W. Dowdle - National University of Singapore 

John Gillespie - Monash University, Victoria 

Imelda Maher - University College Dublin 

Asian Capitalism and the Regulation of Competition explores the implications of Asian forms of capitalism and their regulation of competition for the emerging global competition law regime. 

Expert contributors from a variety of backgrounds explore the topic through the lenses of formal law, soft law and transnational regulation, and make extensive comparisons with Euro-American and global models. 

Case studies include Japan, China and Vietnam, and thematic studies include examinations of competition law's relationship with other regulatory terrains such as public law, market culture, regulatory geography and transnational production networks. 


Introduction and overview Michael W. Dowdle, John Gillespie and Imelda Maher; 

Part I. Asia, Asian Capitalism, and Global Competition Law: Conceptual Mappings: 

1. The regulatory geography of market competition in Asia (and beyond): a preliminary mapping Michael W. Dowdle; 

2. Asia and global law convergence David J. Gerber; 

Part II. The Political Economy of Global Competition Law: 

3. The institutional structure of competition law Imelda Maher; 

4. Cultural political economy of competitiveness, competition law, and competition policy in Asia Ngai-Ling Sum; 

5. The complexities of competition and competitiveness: challenges for competition law and economic governance in variegated capitalism Bob Jessop; 

Part III. Competition Regulation in Representative Asian Countries:

6. Competition and competition law in Japan: between skepticism and embrace Simon Vande Walle;

7. State capitalism and the regulation of competition in China Wentong Zheng; 

8. Managing competition in Socialist-transforming Asia: the case of Vietnam John Gillespie;

Part IV. Asian Capitalism and Competition Regulation in Operation: Selected Issues: 

9. Competition in the periphery: melamine milk adulteration as peripheral 'innovation' Michael W. Dowdle; 

10. Competition law and the role of the state in East Asia Tony Prosser;

Part V. Into the Future: Asian Capitalism and Competition Regulation as Dynamic Systems: 

11. Globalizing competition in Asia: an evolutionary perspective Henry Wai-Chung Yeung; 

12. Addressing the development deficit of competition policy: the role of economic networks Frederic C. Deyo; 

13. Whither Asia? Whither capitalism? Whither global competition law? Michael W. Dowdle. 


Michael W. Dowdle, John Gillespie, Imelda Maher, David J. Gerber, Ngai-Ling Sum, Bob Jessop, Simon Vande Walle, Wentong Zheng, Tony Prosser, Henry Wai-Chung Yeung, Frederic C. Deyo

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