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Aust. Real Property Law 7th Ed (2020)
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Aust. Real Property Law 7th Ed (2020)

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7th Edition.Published February 2020. Soft Cover.
Description For close to 25 years, Australian Real Property Law has been a preeminent land law text for students within university property law units and the practising profession. The 7th edition continues to provide coverage of all states and territories and remains a first point of reference for any person with a land law problem. All chapters have been edited to highlight new case-law authority and legislative change. The text is complemented by the companion text Australian Property Law, Cases and Materials. Table of Contents Part 1 The Context of Real Property Law 1. Concept of Real Property Law Part 2 Title to Land 2. Foundational Concepts: Tenure, Possession, Estates, Trusts and General Law Priorities 3. Adverse Possession 4. The Torrens System and Indefeasibility 5. Torrens Priorities 6. Public Lands and Land Rights of Indigenous Peoples 7. Mortgages Part 3 Dealings in Land 8. Dispositions 9. Defeasible Transactions Part 4 Divided Ownership of Land 10. Future Interests 11. The Rule Against Perpetuities 12. Co-ownership 13. Management Where Ownership is Divided 14. Leases 15. Housing Part 5 Relations Between Neighbouring Landholders 16. The Scope and Meaning of Real Property 17. Easements and Related Interests 18. Land-use Agreements: Restrictive and Positive Covenants
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