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Australian Competition Law, 3rd edition (paperback)
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Australian Competition Law, 3rd edition (paperback)

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Australian Competition Law, 3rd edition (paperback) ISBN 9780409343823 NEW RELEASE February, 2018

Australian Competition Law provides an engaging and authoritative treatment of Australian competition law and is an ideal text both for practitioners and for those studying the subject for the first time.

The clear explanations of complex concepts and the lively style foster a sound understanding of the legal principles of competition law in Australia and its economic underpinnings. It includes a chapter how to understand competition law cases to develop skill in area-specific case analysis. The work focuses on the contemporary situation and recent developments but also explains the historical context.

The new edition has been fully revised and updated to cover recent developments in case law, policy and legislation, including:

• Legislative changes to the substance and structure of competition law and policy under the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Competition Policy Review) Act 2017
• The decisions of the High Court in Air New Zealand Ltd v Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (2017) and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Flight Centre Travel Group Ltd (2016) concerning market definition, market power, competition and cartels;
• Significant Federal Court decisions including Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 008 422 348) (2015) concerning misuse of market power and exclusive dealing and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (2015 — Full Court).
• New ACCC enforcement policies, including the Informal Merger Review Process Guidelines (2013).



• Written in a lucid, accessible style with frequent examples and questions 
• Disusses contemporary situation, upcoming developments and historical context to encourage critical thinking about the law and options for reform
• Includes chapter objectives and summaries to promote understanding and retention of content
• Provides a chapter on analysis of competition law cases to develop skill in area-specific case analysis


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Steinwall, Annotated Competition and Consumer Legislation 2017 edition


Alex Bruce is an Associate Professor of Law at the ANU College of Law, Australian National University. He was formerly a Senior Lawyer with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. His teaching and research interests include competition and consumer law and animal law.


1. The Development of Competition Law 
2. Common Law Restraint of Trade Doctrine
3. Market Definition
4. Market Power and Substantial Lessening of Competition
5. Understanding Competition Law Cases 
6. Application of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)
7. Cartels and Anti-competitive Arrangements and Understandings and Concerted Practices
8. Taking Advantage of Market Power
9. Exclusive Dealing
10. Resale Price Maintenance
11. Anti-Competitive Mergers and Acquisitions
12. Authorisation and Notification
13. Access Regimes 
14. Public Enforcement: Policies and Procedures of the ACCC
15. Public Enforcement: Orders and Remedies Available to the ACCC
16. Private Actions and Remedies

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