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Australian Corporate Law, 5th edition
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Australian Corporate Law, 5th edition

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To be published Oct 2015 (LexisNexis) PRE-ORDER NOW!
ISBN: 9780409341751. Soft Cover.

Harris, J; Hargovan, A; Adams, M

A clear and concise corporations law text for business students.


Australian Corporate Law, 5th edition has been designed specifically for students studying corporations law as part of their business or commerce degree. This text aims to reduce the complexity of corporations law for students by providing clear explanation of legal principles and explaining how corporate law operates within the broader business context. It does this within a specifically designed learning framework that will enhance student learning and understanding of the presented material:


     •     Key Statement and Key Cases highlight precedents and important cases 
     •     Case Examples present topical issues to help the reader see the law at work in a broader commercial context 
     •     Revision Questions and Problem Exercises help reinforce learning
     •     Glossary notes in the margin ensure that each term is immediately understood
     •     Further Reading provides a springboard for deeper learning
     •     Flowcharts are presented to assist in visual learning


New to this Edition

     •     Significant recent new cases in the James Hardie appeal, the Bell appeal and other recent appellate decisions
     •     Recent legislative amendments, including business names legislation, executive remuneration and continuous disclosure 
     •     Additional cases and new case studies


Jason Harris is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney where he teaches corporate and finance law and insolvency. He also has an ongoing role teaching corporate law and company meetings for Chartered Secretaries Australia. Jason has extensive experience in the area of corporate law and has written widely in this field.


Anil Hargovan is Associate Professor in the School of Taxation and Business Law, Australian Business School at the University of New South Wales. Anil has published widely in the area of corporate law and corporate governance. He is the President of the Corporate Law Teachers Association of Australia and a member of the advisory committee for the Corporate Governance course conducted by Chartered Secretaries Australia. Anil has been awarded the INSOL Scholarship and has been appointed as the INSOL Scholar for 2011–2012.


Professor Michael Adams is Dean of the School of Law at the University of Western Sydney. Michael designed the CSA Graduate Diploma in Governance and also researches, speaks and writes on governance and law issues. Michael has been the recipient of the Australian University Teacher of the Year in ‘Law and Legal Studies’.


     1.     The Context of Australian Corporate Law
     2.     Australian Securities and Investments Commission: Role and Powers
     3.     Business Structures
     4.     Partnerships and Associations
     5.     Incorporation and its Effects
     6.     Internal Governance: Constitution and Replaceable Rules
     7.     Corporate Liability: Tort, Crime and Contract
     8.     Promoters: Duties and Liabilities
     9.     Corporate Fundraising
   10.     Debt Finance
   11.     Share Capital and Transactions Affecting Share Capital
   12.     Membership Rights and Meetings
   13.     Corporate Governance
   14.     Directors and Officers
   15.     Directors’ and Officers’ Duties: Good Faith and Proper Purposes
   16.     Directors and Officers: Conflicts of Interest
   17.     Directors and Officers: The Duty of Care and Diligence
   18.     Directors and Officers: Corporate Governance During Times of Financial Distress
   19.     Members’ Remedies
   20.     Accounts Auditors and Dividends
   21.     Financial Services, Managed Investment Schemes and Financial Markets
   22.     External Administration and Insolvency

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