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Australian Intellectual Property Law 3rd Edition
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Australian Intellectual Property Law 3rd Edition

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ISBN 9781107472297 New Release June 2016

Intellectual property law in Australia is a constantly changing field. Developments in technology, such as in the life sciences and in the digitisation of the creation, analysis, distribution and use of information, along with economic globalisation, are having an increasingly significant impact on this field of law. The third edition of Australian Intellectual Property Law has been updated to include the most important recent developments in intellectual property law, including: * the 'Raising the Bar' amendments to the Patents Act and case law concerning the meaning of 'manner of manufacture' * proposed reforms to the Copyright Act * the High Court's consideration of trademarks in various contexts * recent statutory changes and court judgments. Through its comprehensive discussion of the black-letter aspects of the law, and primary emphasis on legal principles and complexities, Australian Intellectual Property Law continues to offer a detailed and scholarly insight into Australian intellectual property law for students and professionals.


1. Introduction

2. Passing off 

3. Registered trade marks 

4. Exploitation of registered trade marks 

5. Copyright: introduction

6. Subsistence of copyright 

7. Authorship and first ownership, nature of the rights and duration 

8. Exploitation, infringement and defences 

9. Moral rights, performers' rights, artist's resale rights, and other rights 

10. Designs

11. Equitable doctrine of breach of confidence 

12. Patents for inventions: introduction

13. Patents for inventions: validity

14. Patents for inventions: allocation of rights and ownership, the Register and dealings 

15. Patents for inventions: exploitation, infringement and revocation

16. Plant breeder's rights

17. Remedies and miscellaneous issues.

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