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Australian Labour and Employment Law
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Australian Labour and Employment Law

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Published Sept 2015 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409336016.

Professor Pittard, M.; Naughton, R.

Australian Labour and Employment Law is a comprehensive analysis of labour and employment law.


Format: Paperback


Australian Labour and Employment Law by Professor Marilyn J Pittard and Richard B Naughton is a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of labour and employment law in Australia for practitioners working in employment relations and human resources. In this first edition, the authors discuss and analyse recent trends in workplace law and approaches to legal regulation in Australia, including the contract of employment arising under the Fair Work Act 2009 and its impact on employers and employees in the workplace. This book offers a comprehensive explanation of the traditional Australian industrial system and the national system of federal regulation national and looks at Australia’s use of international developments in labour and employment law.


This careful analysis also covers institutions and their impact on work arrangements, the nature of employment relationships, employment contracts, employer and employee duties, termination of employment contracts, unfair dismissals, employment conditions, collective agreement making, individual and flexible workplace arrangements, bargaining and the statutory right to strike, protection of workplace rights and freedom of information, trade unions as well as common law controls over industrial action. Australian Labour and Employment Law questions the place of labour law as a major area of study and its relationship with other areas of law. This new edition is accompanied by extensive ancillary material to aid student learning and provide lecturer support.


Professor Marilyn Pittard is Professor of Law and Associate Dean International and Engagement in the Faculty of Law, Monash University. She is an expert in employment and labour law and has written extensively in the area. She is general editor of the Employment Law Bulletin and on the editorial board of the Australian Journal of Labour Law. Marilyn is Vice President of the Australian Labour Law Association.


Dr Richard Naughton is Senior Fellow in the Faculty of Law, Monash University and has worked extensively as a lawyer in private practice, including major national law firms. Richard specialises in workplace relations and also lectures in this area in law postgraduate programs at Monash University. His research interests include the background to Australia’s conciliation and arbitration system, and the operation of Australia’s present bargaining laws.


1. Perspectives on Workplace Law and Approaches to Legal Regulation


2. Legal Sources of the Employment Relationship


3. Institutions and their Impact on Work Arrangements


4. Nature of Employment Relationship, Contracting and Concepts of Flexible Engagement FINAL


5. The content of the contract of employment - use of incorporated material and express and implied terms


6. Employer and Employee Duties


7. Termination of Employment Contract and Common Law Remedies


8. Unfair and discriminatory dismissals: Statutory Framework


9. The Traditional Australian Industrial System


10. The National System of Federal Regulation: From Conciliation and Arbitration to Contemporary Enterprise Bargaining


11. Minimum Labour Standards and Protecting Workers: Awards, Legislation and National and International approaches


12. Collective Agreement Making


13. Individual and flexible workplace arrangements


14. The Bargaining Process and the Statutory Right to Strike


15. Protection of Workplace Rights and Freedom of Association under Federal Law


16 - Trade Unions and the Law


17. The right to strike and international standards: concepts and challenges


18. Common Law and Statutory Controls over Industrial Action

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