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Bullen and Leake Pleadings 19th Ed (2019)
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Bullen and Leake Pleadings 19th Ed (2019)

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Bullen and Leake- Precedents of Pleading 19th Edition. Published December 2019. 2 volumes. Hard Cover
Description Bullen & Leake & Jacob is widely regarded as the essential guide to drafting statements of case. It offers the advocate a stock of authoritative, structured precedents of statements of case complete with guiding commentary across both mainstream and specialist areas of practice. The 18th edition fully reflects all current issues under the CPR and the legislative and judicial developments in the individual practice areas. Provides indispensable guidance on drafting statements of case Presents a wide range of contemporary templates for drafting which can be easily modified for specific cases Covers all classes of litigation from common areas such as employment law to the more unusual such as sport (109 sectors in total) Contains both example claims and defences Provides specific practical guidance on each precedent Includes new precedents Sets out each section in a standard order making it highly accessible and user-friendly Compiled by a team of over 60 leading Table of Contents Introduction Assault, False Imprisonment and Malicious Prosecution Assignment of Contractual Rights Aviation Banking and Financial Services Business Law Competition Computers and IT Construction Defamation Education Employment Entertainment Law Environmental Claims Fraud Human Rights and References to the European Court of Justice Immigration and Judicial Review Insurance Intellectual Property Invasion of Privacy Personal Injury Professional Negligence Property Restitution Sports Law
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