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Business Law Guidebook -2nd Edition
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Business Law Guidebook -2nd Edition

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ISBN 9780195593990 Published October 2014 Paperback

The Business Law Guidebook is your guide to the essentials of business law. It provides a clear and comprehensive outline of the foundation topics in business and commercial law in an easy-to-read, student-friendly format. Learn how to link the key concepts from your lectures, textbooks and tutorials to get the most from your study, improve your knowledge of law and develop legal problem-solving skills.

This guidebook will help you navigate through the fundamental points of Business Law using:


  • Concise and clear explanations of what you need to know
  • Guidelines for answering questions
  • Cases to Remember
  • Test Your Knowledge questions
  • Assessment Preparation sections
  • Diagrams of difficult concepts
  • Up-to-date cases and legislation

Table of Contents

1. The Australian legal system
2. Making the contract: Offer and acceptance
3. Formation of contract
4. Contract: Terms and remedies for breach
5. Consumer protection law
6. Banking and finance
7. E-commerce and business
8. The law of negligence in the business world
9. Choice of business structure
10. Introduction to company law
11. Duties of company directors
12. Bankruptcy and corporate insolvency

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