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Climate Change and Australia Warming to the Global Challenge
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Climate Change and Australia Warming to the Global Challenge

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Published 12 March 2012 (Federation Press)
ISBN: 9781862878723. Paperback, 350 pages.

By Ben Saul, Steven Sherwood, Jane McAdam, Tim Stephens and James Slezak 

Climate change is one of the most hotly debated issues of this century. Politicians have risen and fallen on its wake, elections have been fought around it, and international leaders have come under unprecedented scrutiny by civil society. As Australia is battered by hotter summers, more frequent and severe floods, devastating bushfires, water shortages in capital cities, and coastal erosion on its beaches, more and more often the question being asked is , 'Is climate change the cause?' 

This book provides a clear, balanced account of the science on climate change, how it is affecting the planet and Australia, and the policy options available to Australia and the world to deal with it. It draws on the expertise of its authors from the disciplines of science, economics, geography and international law. Inquisitive readership will find this book compelling. 



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