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Commercial Contract Clauses: 2nd Edition
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Commercial Contract Clauses: 2nd Edition

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Published 30th July 2015 (Thomson Reuters)
ISBN: 9780455236223. Hard Cover.

By Leigh Warnick, Ken Martin, Joshua Thomson

"Commercial Contract Clauses: Principles and Interpretation" 2nd edition analyses the process of construing and interpreting commercial contracts on a clause by clause basis, to the benefit of Australian lawyers. In this work, Joshua Thomson and Leigh Warnick of the Western Australian Bar and Justice Kenneth Martin, apply their wide experience in elucidating matters of commercial significance and value. 

The work opens with topics where knowledge is often wrongly assumed – the process of constructing a contract, and issues regarding the operation of deeds. 

The authors then move to areas of difficulty for lawyers, looking at: 

  • Clauses creating particular types of obligation, including money obligations. 
  • Clauses that may cause problems, yet are commonly included, as with express good faith clauses.
  • Clauses governing or limiting remedies which contracting parties may claim, such as consequential loss clauses. 

Although the book tackles the intricacies of commercial contract interpretation, the commentary is skilfully written for easy understanding.

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