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Commonwealth Criminal Law 2nd edition
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Commonwealth Criminal Law 2nd edition

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ISBN 9781760021801 FORTHCOMING Release 31 July 2018

Since the first edition published in 2014, the area of Commonwealth criminal law has continued to expand and evolve, particularly in the areas of terrorism, drug importation and sentencing. This second edition has been extensively revised and updated to reflect these legislative changes as well as recent case law. In particular, chapters dealing with child exploitation by way of online pornography and abuse, and counter-terrorism (now referred to as ‘Security of the Commonwealth’) have been significantly overhauled, and the chapter on sentencing includes more recent sentencing practices and guidelines. This second edition continues to cover wide-ranging areas of Commonwealth criminal law, including corporate crime, social security and tax fraud, money laundering, drug offences and offences involving the internet and terrorism. It also deals with the special Commonwealth sentencing provisions provided for by the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) and analyses how criminal liability for such offences must be proved under the Criminal Code (Cth). This edition is designed for practitioners and students alike.


Table of Cases 
Table of Statutes

1. An Overview of Commonwealth Criminal Law

2. General Principles of Criminal Responsibility

3. Offences Against the Commonwealth

4. Offences under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)

5. Money Laundering and the Proceeds of Crime

6. The Security of the Commonwealth

7. Serious Drug and Pre-Cursor Offences

8. Child Exploitation

9. Sentencing, Imprisonment and Release

10. Extradition


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