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Connecting with Tort Law
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Connecting with Tort Law

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Published Jan 2012 (OUP)
ISBN: 9780195561098. Paperback, 464 pages.

By Julia Davis.

  • Covers all of the main topics taught in tort law courses 
  • The first authoritative tort law book to encourage and foster student skills development 
  • Pedagogy throughout helps students prepare for tort law assessment 
  • Tort look-up charts' provide overviews of the tort and instruct students in a logical approach to tort law problems 
The philosophy of Connecting with Tort Law is that everyone learns best by doing - but that we often need a guide that can show us by example what to do and how to go about doing it. 

Connecting with Tort Law helps students to improve their analytical skills in tort law. It is divided into two parts: Part 1 is called 'Preparing for Success' and covers an overview of tort law and its challenges. It sets students up for successful study in torts. It includes topics on legal argument, legal problem-solving and study strategies. Students will learn how to work effectively as a torts student, how to argue like a torts lawyer, how to analyse problem questions and torts cases, and how to identify issues and structure an answer to a torts problem. Part 2 - 'The Torts' provides succinct summaries of the main torts covered in undergraduate law courses, as well as defences. 

Throughout these chapters the skills focus is maintained, with a selection of problem-solving tips and exercises to help students apply what they have learnt and build on the skills introduced in Part 1. 

Readership: First year undergraduate students taking a tort law subject (one or two semesters). 

Part 1 

1: Introducing Tort Law and its Challenges 

2: Understanding the Law of Torts 

3: Torts Techniques 

4: Study Strategies 

Part 2 

5: Intentional Torts to the Person 

6: Intentional Torts to Land and Goods 

7: Defences to the Intentional Torts 

8: Nuisance 

9: Defamation 

10: Introduction to Negligence 

11: Negligence: Elements and Defences 

12: Special Topics in Negligence 

13: Vicarious Liability 

14: Assessment of Damages 

Julia Davis Julia Davis is an Associate Professor within the School of Law at the University of South Australia.

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