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Construction Adjudication And Payments Handbook
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Construction Adjudication And Payments Handbook

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Published Aug 2013 (OUP)
ISBN: 9780199551590. Soft Cover, 528 pages.

Merissa Martinez, Dominique Rawley, Kate Williams

  • Provides an up to date and user-friendly practical compendium of statutes, and case law, as well as authored commentary on adjudications 
  • Covers both the adjudication and payment provisions of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 
  • Contains comprehensive coverage of the Act in a clear, accessible layout 
  • Analyses each of the major sections of the Act in turn with sections on: Construction Contracts, Adjudication, Payment Provisions, and Supplementary Provisions 
  • Contains a companion website which will be updated to include reference to developments in the area 

Table of Contents

1: Introduction 

1. Construction Contracts 

2: Section 104: What is a 'construction contract'? 

3: Section 105: What are 'construction operations'? 

4: Section 106: Residential occupier exemption 

5: Section 107: Agreement in writing. 

2. Adjudication under the Construction Act 

6: Section 108: Right to refer disputes to adjudication 

7: Jurisdiction of the Adjudicator 

8: Running the Adjudication: commentary and case materials 

9: Common Disputes 

10: Challenging the Adjudicator's Decision: commentary and case materials

11: Enforcement of the Adjudicator's Decision: commentary and case materials 

3. Payment Provisions 

12: Section 109: Entitlement to Stage Payments 

13: Section 110: Dates for Payment 

14: Section 111: Notice of Witholding 

15: Section 112: Right to suspend performance for non-payment 

16: Section 113: Prohibition of pay when paid clauses 

4. Supplementary Provisions 

17: Section 114:The scheme for construction contracts 

18: Section 115: Service of notices etc.

19: Section 116: Reckoning periods of time 

20: Section 117: Crown application 


Commencement Orders

Adjudication Rules 

Adjudicator Nominating Bodies 

Table of case by name of Adjudicator 

Table of cases by reference to subject matter


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