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Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts, 2nd Edition
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Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts, 2nd Edition

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Published 2008 (Informa Law)
ISBN: 9781843117315. Hard Cover.

Marshall Levine & Roger ter Haar 

Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts, 2nd Edition, comprises entirely new content, with up-to-date commentary on all the most important contracts, regulations and policies. This book will be useful reading for those in the construction industry, including architects, quantity surveyors, project managers, contractors and for lawyers advising insurers who need to have a practical reference book, which covers the interaction between construction and insurance, to turn to. 

Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: General Rules and Principles 

Chapter 3: Legal Liability 

Chapter 4: Broad Overview of Risks in Construction 

Chapter 5: Classes of Insurance Contract 

Chapter 6: Placing the Insurance 

Chapter 7: The Role of Insurance Brokers 

Chapter 8: The Meaning of “Damage” in Policies Relating to Construction Projects 

Chapter 9: Liability Policies 

Chapter 10: Professional Indemnity Policies 

Chapter 11: Property Damage Policies 

Chapter 12: Latent Defects Insurance 

Chapter 13: Effect of Insurance on Ability to Sue 

Chapter 14: Bonds and Insurance 

Chapter 15: Property Insurance under Higher Tier Property Documents 

Chapter 16: CDM Regulations and Health and Safety 

Chapter 17: Contract Insurance under Minor Works Contract (MW 2007) 

Chapter 18: Contract Insurance under Intermediate Building Contract (IC or ICD 2007) 

Chapter 19: SBC Form 

Chapter 20: Contract Insurance under DB 2007 Design and Build Contract 

Chapter 21: Contract Insurance under JCT Major Projects Contract (MPC 2007) 

Chapter 22: Contract Insurance under JCT 1998 Management Contract 

Chapter 23: Contract Insurance under Construction Management under JCT (CMA 2003) 

Chapter 24: ICE Conditions of Contract 

Chapter 25: Contract Insurance under NEC 3 

Chapter 26: Contract Insurance under GC/Works 1 & 2 

Chapter 27: Contract Insurance under FIDIC 

Chapter 28: Contract Conditions under MF/1 

Chapter 29: Contract Insurance under I Chem E 

Chapter 30: PFI/PPP Contracts 

Chapter 31: Captives 

Chapter 32: Dealing with Disputes/Third Parties Rights against Insurers 

Chapter 33: Dispute Resolution 


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