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Contracts of Carriage by Air, 2nd Edition
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Contracts of Carriage by Air, 2nd Edition

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Published Nov 2010 (Informa)
ISBN: 9781843118879. Hard Cover.

Professor Malcolm A. Clarke 

Contracts of Carriage by Air, 2nd Edition contains annotated analysis of the provisions of the international conventions governing the carriage of goods and passengers by air. 

This book provides you with practical advice and brings you:  

  • An overall view of the two liability regimes, followed by a short history of the Warsaw Convention in its various versions and what led to agreement on a single regime, the Montreal Convention, as well as the threat to uniformity posed by EC Directives
  • A statement of the rules of interpretation applicable to conventions of uniform law, illustrated mainly by decisions of the air conventions. 
  • Commentary on the text of the 1999 Montreal Convention together with commentary on the text of the 1967 Warsaw Convention. 
  • Reference to decisions of the courts not only of the UK but also those of other common law countries, notably the USA, and countries of civil law, notably France and Germany. 

Table of Contents 

Part One: 


The Scheme of Liability 

Scope and Application of the Conventions 

History: From Warsaw to Montreal 

Rules of Interpretation 

Part Two: 

The Conventions and Commentary 

Montreal Convention, 

1999 Warsaw Convention 1929, as amended in 1955 and 1975

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