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Coroners' Courts: Third Edition
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Coroners' Courts: Third Edition

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Published 31 July 2014 (OUP)
ISBN: 9780199566112. Hard Cover, 492 pages.

Christopher Dorries OBE

  • Provides practical, step-by-step explanations of the law and procedure relating to coroner's investigations and inquests
  • Written to encompass the extensive changes introduced by the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 and the relevant Rules and Regulations
  • Includes extensive but straight-forward explanations of the role and responsibilities of the coroner and of the procedures in this complex area
  • Contains advice for advocates and others attending inquests, with particular relevance to medical witnesses
  • Easy to read with a clear and logical layout
  • Written by a full-time coroner with more than 20 years' experience, offering unique insights and expertise
  • Coming soon: Coroners' Courts as an app for iPad and iPhone via the OUP LawReader

New to this edition

  • Expanded sections on the practical effects of Article 2 on the inquest
  • Examination of the new concept of a coroner's investigation
  • Consideration of the potential effects of the Medical Examiner system
  • Expanded material on screening and anonymity of witnesses
  • Additional material on dealing with juries
  • Analysis of the new approach to conclusions rather than verdicts
  • Coverage of the prevention of future deaths reports
Coroners' Courts follows the coroner's investigation of a death from initial report to the inquest conclusion and subsequent issues including prevention of future deaths reports. The book is an easy to read reference for those involved in the coronial system. It also provides clear, step by step guidance for the advocate and practical advice for the witness covering key topics such as preparing for an inquest, report writing, and attending court. In addition, it includes dedicated chapters on mass fatality incidents and treasure. Written by a full-time coroner with more than 20 years experience, it provides a unique insight into the working of a coroner's court with explanations of the coroner's duties, the post-mortem examination, the purpose of the inquest, and the nature of the coroner's conclusion. 

This book contains a clear, practical treatment of all topics from routine casework to the complex effects of the Human Rights legislation. Re-written to encompass the Coroners and Justice Act 2009, it also describes the potential relationship between the coroner and the Medical Examiner's Office.

Readership: Coroners and coroners' officers; solicitors and barristers in private practice or local authorities dealing with inquests; Medical examiners and medical examiner's officers.

Christopher Dorries has been HM Coroner for South Yorkshire (West), a large and busy jurisdiction, since 1991. He was awarded an OBE in December 2006 for his work on emergency planning.


Belinda Cheney 
Dr Alan Fletcher 
Mary Hassell

Review(s) from previous edition

"This new edition of Coroners' Courts is a masterly description of the new law and procedures - HH Judge Peter Thornton QC, Chief Coroner, from the foreword

"Coroners' Courts is a very good book ... which deserves to take its place on the bookshelf of everyone who regularly comes into contact with the coroner." - Medical Law Review

"No serious practitioner of coroners law should fail to read this book...an accurate exposition of the modern law from a repected full time coroner...flows easily, holding the readers interest and attention." - Science & Justice, vol44 iss4

"No one whose work takes them into the coroners courts can afford to be without a copy...finely detailed but at all times lucid and accessible." - New Law Journal

"Christopher Dorries has written a comprehensive text covering the work of the coroner and relevant law. His style is easy to read and entertaining, with detailed references to relevent statute and case law. The book will be especially useful to those in contact with the coroner, whether a doctor reporting a death, or those more directly involved with inquests and post-mortems." - Dr Clive Saffer

"...This book is both useful and a genuinely good read and I can thoroughly recommend it." - The Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists

"..This should be compulsory reading for all police officers and doctors...this books great virtue is it's rigorous practicality...it will become a classic. I will not be going to an inquest without it." - Charles Foster, Barrister, 6 Pump Court

1: The Coroner
2: Jurisdiction
3: Reporting Deaths
4: Decisions and Inquiries
5: The Coroner's Post-mortem
6: Preparing for the Inquest
7: Inquests
8: Juries
9: Determinations, Findings, and Conclusions
10: After the Inquest
11: Mass Fatalities
12: Treasure
1: The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (extracts)
2: The Coroners (Investigations) Regulations 2013
3: The Coroners (Inquests) Rules 2013
4: The Coroners Allowances, Fees and Expenses Regulations 2013
5: The Treasure Act 1996
6: The Jamieson case — extract from the judgment of Bingham LJ

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