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Corporate Liability: Work Related Deaths and Criminal Prosecutions, 3rd edition
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Corporate Liability: Work Related Deaths and Criminal Prosecutions, 3rd edition

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Published Feb 2014 (Bloomsbury)
ISBN: 9781780431154. 712 pages.

Gerard Forlin QC, Dr Louise Smail

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, has created a new offence of corporate manslaughter. This new edition of Corporate Liability: Work Related Deaths and Criminal Prosecutions is the only book to provide, in a single source, an expert guide to general procedure and practice surrounding this topic.

The new edition of this key text on corporate manslaughter brings you right up to date following a number of developments since publication of the last edition including new chapters on:
Sports law; Managing the media; Emergency services; Far East/China; Nuclear and power regeneration.

The new edition will focus on significant recent statutory changes, case law of potentially wider relevance and international developments including:
The cases of Cotswold Geotechnical (Holdings) Ltd [2011]; Baker v Quantum Clothing Group [2011]; Vieola Ltd and Tangerine Confectionary Ltd - CofA judgment awaited; Bodycote Hip [2010];
Statuary interpretation of and cases brought under the Corporate Manslaughter and Culpable Homicide Act 2007;
Rule 43 reporting by coroners after inquests; 
Global developments include: Introduction of two new offences by Ireland on corporate manslaughter and grossly negligent management causing death; Intended introduction of corporate manslaughter legislation in Gibraltar; and Australian implementation of the Safe Work Act 2009.

All these recent developments provide both new opportunities for increased safety and well being in the workplace and potential pitfalls for organisations.


Chapter 1 Criminal responsibility for work related accidents
Chapter 2 Sentencing
Chapter 3 Practical issues
Chapter 4 Work related death investigations by the police, HSE and other agencies
Chapter 5 Construction
Chapter 6 Transport
Chapter 7 The chemical industry
Chapter 8 Healthcare
Chapter 9 Waste management
Chapter 10 Environmental liability including nuclear
Chapter 11 Local authorities
Chapter 12 Ireland
Chapter 13 Scotland
Chapter 14 Corporate manslaughter: an international perspective
Chapter 15 Dealing with the media
Chapter 17 Emergency services: law and liability
Chapter 18 The travel industry
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