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Courting Publicity: Twitter and Television Cameras in Court
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Courting Publicity: Twitter and Television Cameras in Court

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Published Oct 2011 (Bloomsbury Professional)
ISBN: 9781847669001. Paperback.

By Paul Lambert

Courting Publicity: Twitter and Television Cameras in Court is a new title dealing with an incredibly topical subject matter that is only likely to increase in interest in the future and lead to new legislation and case law.


It examines the impact on the legal process and those involved, of ever- increasing levels of scrutiny and public attention via new technologies.

To bring structure to these areas of controversy and debate Courting Publicity addresses questions such as:-

  • Why do legal systems promote Twitter and television cameras in court
  • Is maximum publicity for every court case and every courtroom participent a requirement for open justice
  • How appropriate to justice is the role of Twitter in 'super injunctions'
  • Does the use of media and social media promote public education and confidence in justice
  • What are the effects of courtroom publicity on the individuals involved and the process in general? Are they beneficial? Are they irreversible or undesirable?
  • What sort of legislation or self regulatory systems need to be considered to assist the judicial system and to promote legitinate media relationships

Contents includes:-

  • Courting Publicity
  • Courts and Twitter Cases
  • Media Rights v Privacy Rights
  • The Internet
  • Twitter in Court: Issues and UK Consultation
  • Television Cameras in Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Other courts
  • Effects of Television Cameras in Court
  • Effects of Twitter in Court
  • Effects of Twitter (and Internet) Outside of Court
  • The Future

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