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Crimes that Shaped the Law
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Crimes that Shaped the Law

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Published 8 Sept 2015 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409342222. Soft Cover.

Field, David

The law cannot remain static, but must adjust to reflect the changing society that it serves. From time to time, criminal cases arise that dramatically dictate the need for alterations to the law. Those developments often occur, but what of the fates of those whose misfortunes were the catalyst for change? The stories of some of these unwitting — and unwilling — pioneers are collected in this fascinating book.

These twelve true-life tales include:

     •     the infamous practice of ‘baby farming’ that led to a new evidentiary principle 
     •     the murder of two young sailors that resulted in limits on an accused person’s ‘right to silence’ 
     •     the victim of domestic violence whose trial on a murder charge saw the recognition of the ‘battered woman syndrome’
     •     the prosecutions of sleepwalkers who killed – were they criminally insane?
     •     the mistaken identity conviction that led to warnings against eyewitness identification

The lively and engaging stories, spanning a hundred years, provide the historical background that led to important changes to our justice system.



     •     Real-life stories provide engaging insight into our justice system
     •     Offers a unique treatment of the genesis of many important legal rules
     •     Written by an author with extensive background working with the rules of criminal law and evidence


David Field has had a long and successful career both teaching and practising law in the United Kingdom and Australia. Following UK appointments including Head of Law Department at Napier University, Edinburgh and Stipendiary Magistrate in the City of Glasgow, David moved to Australia, where he has served as the Solicitor for Prosecutions for Queensland and is an Associate Professor of Law at Bond University. He continues to research and write in the areas of evidence, trial forensics and advocacy.


     Chapter 1.     The Sad Fate of Horace Murray
     Chapter 2.     The Punching Bag who Fought Back
     Chapter 3.     The Blindness of the Eyewitness
     Chapter 4.     Trial by Chromosome
     Chapter 5.     Closing the Trapdoor
     Chapter 6.     The Golden Thread 
     Chapter 7.     Silence in Court
     Chapter 8.     Germany Calling
     Chapter 9.     To Sleep, Perchance to Kill
   Chapter 10.     M’Naghten Mad
   Chapter 11.     The Nuremburg Solution
   Chapter 12.     Donning the Blinkers

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