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Criminal Appeals and Reviews in Victoria - Book
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Criminal Appeals and Reviews in Victoria - Book

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ISBN 9780455237619 New Release Published 15 November 2016

Criminal Appeals and Reviews in Victoria is a new title for Victorian criminal law practitioners, which offers practical guidance on how to commence and conduct the relevant appeal process.

This work is an authoritative treatment grounded in a broadly-based authorship which captures perspectives from the Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria, academia and the Bar.

It is a singular resource, with its jurisdiction-specific focus providing detailed analysis of the Victorian appeals system. It will focus on key Rules of the various courts, Practice Directions, Practice Notes, case law, and relevant statutory provisions.

Criminal Appeals and Reviews in Victoria also discusses more general aspects of criminal appeals, providing the context for understanding the specific statutory provisions.

Chapters on the following key subjects are included:

  • Children's Court,
  • Magistrates Court,
  • Interlocutory Appeals,
  • Conviction and Sentence Appeals in Higher Courts,
  • The High Court,
  • Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities,
  • Judicial Review, and
  •  Appellate Advocacy.

This is also a highly practical work, providing a wealth of flowcharts and sample forms to assist the practitioner.

Criminal Appeals and Reviews in Victoria is a unique, well-resourced and truly authoritative explanation of the appeals and reviews process in Victoria that delivers a significant benefit to criminal law solicitors, barristers, legal aid lawyers, law students, criminologists and policy-makers.

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