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Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance
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Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance

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Published Sept 2008 (Informa Law)
ISBN: 9781843116301. Hard Cover, 214 pages.

Adolfo Paolini and Deepak Nambisan 


"With the ever increasing number of claims against directors and officers, this book provides a very welcome addition to the bookshelves which hitherto have lacked books on this important area" - Alison Green, Chairman of the Trustees of the BILA Charitable Trust 

The Directors' and Officers' liability insurance policy is extremely complex, possessing its own features, principles and rules of law, making it unique both in its nature and implementation. This book scrutinises the origins and the rationale underlying D&O insurance and provides answers to the question of protecting directors against the potential liabilities they may face. It provides clear understanding about the wording of D&O policies, exclusions and issues of misrepresentation. 

The information contained in this new book include: 

  • Nature and Legality of D&O Liability Insurance, 
  • D&O Exclusions, 
  • Directors' and Officers' Liability to Third Parties, 
  • Directors' Liability at Civil Law and D&O (Defence Costs Cover and Allocation, Aggregation Principles and D&O Cover and the Reinsurance of D&O Policies).

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